The 1-Page Sales Funnel

The 4-Step Roadmap For Crafting a Sales Funnel on a Sheet of Paper, That Will Turn Ice-Cold Prospects Into Buyers & Promoters of Your Business

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You have heard about Lead Magnets. But creating one that effectively generates quality leads is more difficult.


Lead Magnet hacks and best practices that make your offer irresistible.

Reel in prospects with the "Perfect Offer"!


The #1 reason why people really buy.


Examples of compelling offers from every niche.


Tips how can you sell more to a one-time customer, and also how can you make them come back and buy more.


Profit-maximizer strategies and implementations.

I needed some help on marketing my website. Got introduced to this course. Easy concepts to grasp! Learning a great deal of tips and strategies. 

Pong Lizardo

Stephen Meadows

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This course is well explained, easy, to follow, and very practical. If you want to create a sales funnel and get acquainted with online marketing, this course is for you.


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What's in this course?

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Create a High-Impact, Conversion-Boosting Sales Funnel You Can Implement For Your Business Immediately...

Do you want to know a secret?

Nobody likes to be sold to. Not one single person on Earth enjoys having products or services relentlessly shoved in their face.

And because there are advertisements all over in front of our eyes, people tend to resist if they see another "offer".

Do you want to hear another secret?

People are smart. They can see a sales pitch from a mile away, which is why it's so important to walk them through a path that they enjoy, so that they are entertained, and get what they love.

And this is where a well-designed Sales Funnel comes in! It tells a story that guides the customer through the funnel to be buyers and brand advocates.

But how can you craft a story-teller Sales Funnel from scratch? You will learn in this course, and you don't need anything else, just a sheet paper, a pen and your creativity.

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A 1-page Sales Funnel Template


5 quick steps to creating eye-catching, engaging, and effective Lead Magnets (Hacks and best practices)


6 powerful elements revealed that make your core offer irresistible


The #1 reason why people really buy


Real Life examples and ideas


Step-by-step implementations

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