How to choose an email service? | How to build and keep a clean list? | What can I do to improve open rates?

We don't just tell you, we show you each email, word-by-word how to create successful automated campaigns

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The instructor does a very good job teaching how to, pretty much, create a set-and-forget sales funnel by using an autoresponder. So, you just focus on your other projects, watching your automated selling machine work by itself!

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The Automated Selling Machine

- Kickstart your Automated Email Marketing

- 3 different campaign blueprints for:

Welcome Engagement

4-Day Sales


- List hygiene and how to take care of your subscribers

- Tips to improve your open rates

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Anas Abba

Dmitry Volov

I never really knew about an Offer-Funnel until Krisztina introduced me to it and also explained to me how to use them - along with a host of other powerful marketing techniques in this power packed course. My Offer-Funnel generated 43% extra sales on the first day.

A quick 3-step autoresponder series that provides a logical path to get leads excited and sell them immediately.

Copy and paste these emails that show a 5-steps system to sell your product while engaging and hypnotizing your subscribers.

You need a funnel to build your authority and trust with your subscribers. This campaign shows you what to write to new subscribers to reach these goals.

The Perfect Offer-Funnel

A 4-Day Sales Campaign

A Welcome Engagement Campaign

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Copy & Paste Campaigns

You can get answers to questions like...

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Autoresponder templates and swipe-files for crafting evergreen email campaigns and funnels that literally make sales while you sleep


Automated Selling Machine



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