Take the Pledge to go Car Free or Car Lite

Join commuters from around the world in leaving your cars behind for just ONE day!    

Go Car Free!

Ways to go Car Free or Car Lite

Share a ride with your co-worker, neighbor, fellow student, or significant other.  Carpooling not only saves you money, but it provides for an enjoyable ride!

Carpool or Vanpool

Take Mass Transit


Bike or Walk

If a route is safe, consider biking or walking.  It's great for your health and it's great for the environment.

Take the Bus or Train to work.  With many otions available across NJ, you can catch up on your emails, read a book, or just relax on your commute to work or school.

Telecommuting just one day impacts the traffic flow and lessens your carbon footprint.  Studies show that employees that work from home tend to accomplish more!

It's easy to go Car Free!

Take the Pledge and help make a difference in your community

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Are you social?

Snap a picture and share it!  
Use the hashtag #CarFreeNJ 

Open to all NJ residents. 
You are required to commute Car Free or Car-Lite just one day during the week of September 18th to 24th.

2022 Car Free or Car Lite Challenge is being administered by
Avenues in Motion, Greater Mercer TMA and Keep Middlesex Moving.