Reman Trucks

Like-New at Half the Cost

IronDirect  Reman Trucks is a new way for fleet managers and truck owners to greatly extend fleet life and boost uptime at a savings of up to 50 percent versus the cost of new.  Our remanufactured Class 1-5 trucks (19,500 pounds and lighter) are fully disassembled, inspected and remanufactured using new or like-new reman components.

- Creates a like-new vehicle
- Upgrades in fuel economy
- New depreciated cycle
- Captures full intrinsic value
- Boosts vehicle safety

- Reduces total operational cost
- Green manufacturing
- Smoother, quieter ride
- No worry about vehicle failures
- Doubles potential fleet life

- Increase uptime
- 3-year drivetrain warranty
- Great options on tight budget
- Reman even 20+ yr. vehicles
- Reman pickups in 48 hours

50% savings vs cost of new 

Predictable fleet lifecycle;
lower overall cost

3-Year 75,000-mile warranty

Upgrades to current technology