ABEL helped us prepare for a funding round.


Instead of merely creating detailed and awesome multi-year forecasts of our SaaS business, they took on the role of CFO: helping with the investment pitch, screening of suitable investors, and much more.


Since their involvement we say: who needs

a CFO when you can have ABEL?

What our
clients say

Tim Metz | Saent

"Who needs a CFO when you can have ABEL?"

Rob was invaluable at a critical point for our business. He helped us prepare for a number of fundraising scenarios, after which we felt much more confident to tackle the task ahead.


If you don’t have in-house financial expertise I highly recommend Rob as a partner and advisor.



Dustin Laverick | Touchcard 


"Excellent Insight & Guidance"

Who is ABEL Finance?

ABEL Finance is the virtual CFO for digital businesses.
Finance is the language to help you understand your past and current performance, and more importantly, gives you insight in the future.
I’m Rob, the founder of ABEL Finance. Contrary to most virtual CFO’s, I’m not a CPA. I obtained 2 masters in Finance and Strategy, worked for ING Bank in their global talent program and prior to founding ABEL, I was co-founder and CFO of 4 technology companies in China.
With ABEL, we have helped a range of digital businesses, including SaaS companies, FBA and agencies to get and stay in control of their business. Examples include developing internal growth plans, setting up pricing strategy to fundraising.
We kick-off our Deepdive with a FREE intake call.
This 30-minute call aims to get to know you and your business, and identify your key questions for the Deepdive. 


Access the power of your finance

After the Deepdive session, you will receive the key take-aways AND a step-by-step plan that you can implement without our help.
It includes both quick wins you can implement today & longer term actions to reach your strategic goals


The Deepdive is an intense 4 hours one-on-one video call with an experienced Virtual CFO. 
Together we go deep to answers to your key questions. You will understand your numbers and know how to improve your business.

Action plan



Understand and improve your numbers in less than a day