EZ-Task Plus

Those long hours spent taking and extending inventory become a thing of the past. Inventory time is cut dramatically and time spent extending inventory is eliminated completely. Combine that with cost of goods, inventory item usage,suggested reorder, commodity item cross references and other system reports and it's easy to see why this solution is the best.

  • Multi-user client/server perpetual inventory system
  • Multi-locations
  • Requistion order entry
  • Purchasing/receiving
  • Transfer Orders

EZ Task Basic

Designed for food service departments that have basic requirements and need a simple, cost-effective way to track inventory.

  • Commodity and stock item tracking
  • Periodic physical or perpetual inventory
  • Out of stock or low stock reporting
  • Data reported by location or district-wide

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EZ-Task Inventory

EZ-Task Inventory


  • Inventory valuation
  • Physical inventory worksheet
  • Compehensive reporting
  • Single or multi-user
  • Commodity tracking reports
  • Periodic physical or perpetual inventory
  • Maintain supplier information for each item
  • Easy adjust qty in-stock by location
  • 200 different inventory/purchasing/transfer reports
  • Inventory value based on qty in-stock and average cost
  • Insurance valuation at cost and replacement value
  • Bid specifications and storage information
  • History of inventory adjustments

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