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Tucson Woman Finds Relief From Her Crippling Fibromyalgia Pain And Fatigue


“Before my treatment I was constantly feeling pain and having to use pain meds. It was impossible to predict any ‘good’ days that I could go shopping or just out for fun. And, after having a ‘good’ day and

having some fun, I’d be in bed for 3 days recuperating. 


There was constant ‘fibro fog.’ I was embarrassed around others because I just couldn’t have a complete conversation. I just felt like my muscles and body always felt flu-like and fatigued!


 I suffered from anxiety, which at times prevented me from going out into the public. I was treated with all sorts of drugs, the last one being Zoloft. Insomnia was an issue I have suffered with for years and I went from one drug to the next and often upped the doses. I feared not being able to sleep.


“Now I am living much more of a normal life. I can plan on trips, dinner with friends, and being able to play with my grandkids. Those days of being bedridden haven’t come but once. My muscles feel normal, there is energy flowing through them instead of pain! I am able to go into public without fear and panic. I am able to get a good nights rest at last! I feel as though I am settling back into a normal, healthy, and relaxed body, one I have not known in about 30 years. I am beyond grateful I came across this report and took action on what I learned. My life will NEVER be the same again! 


Oh, and I have glaucoma so I have eye tests every 6 months.

The last test showed my vision improved by 2 lines!” Debbie M.


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