“After I had done this 5 week course, I started making money straightaway from my photography. Thank you Bernie.” Derek Anson.






I have coached many photographers over the years from those with many years as big studio owners, to photographers who are working part time.


Most photographers I speak to seem to have similar challenges to overcome.


Their cash flow is not showing any signs of growth.


They are spending all of their time in their business and no time working on their business.


Having trouble getting enough customers.


They feel guilty spending too much time at work and not enough with your family.


Most customers don't value their photography.


They want to take your business to the next level but are not sure which direction to go.


If you relate to a lot of these challenges, then this Program is for you.


I Had To Get Serious About Marketing!


Many years ago, long before Digital, Selfies, Facebook, Lightroom, SEO, and Photoshop, I had a super successful wedding/portrait business.


My business stood strong through good and bad economic times.


It even survived a long recession period.


I had that same successful Photography business for over 40 years.


As the sole income stream it provided me with a good income to bring up my two kids in private schools, have regular holidays, meet amazing people, and enabled me to do what I loved...Photography and Marketing.


When I had a camera in my hand I always felt an adrenaline rush, but I felt at home.


The Marketing side of the business also excited me.


You may have spent time and money on books, seminars, webinars and education over many years. That's all good, but with me by your side as your Mentor, your journey to business success will be accelerated.


What Have You Got To Lose!


One of the important things I'm going to do for you is to create a few steps to help bring customers to your business.


I will also guide you through Marketing strategies that you can implement straight away into your business to attract loads of new customers….Guaranteed!


As we progress to the end of this 5 week program .............


You'll be more motivated.


You will Learn Proven Marketing strategies.


Start Turning Customers into Cash.


Think about this...


Lots of photographers are finding it tough out in the marketplace.


There is a lot of competition out there from cheaper photographers.


Running a successful business has changed rapidly, and a totally new approach is needed to keep up. I will guide, with proven systems, and a way to create success and fulfilment in your business.


Do You Understand Marketing?


You may be a good Photographer, but in order to have a successful business, you need to have a clear understanding of what Marketing is, what you do, and what you need to do to be successful.


More and more photographers are working from home, and this trend is set to continue into the future, as more and more photographers take control of their passion for photography to create a small profitable business.


Photographers are willing to juggle their business and family life for a more simplified lifestyle that can bring rich rewards.


Photography is your Passion? 


Do you like the thought of having more spare time? How about just working the hours that you want?


Having a holiday whenever you feel like it?


Making a great income?


Working the hours that you want?


Earning lots of money?


Starting a photography business without any training, and very little capital, can be daunting.


Why sit by the phone waiting for it to ring?


Get more paying customers now.


What You Get


A personal 5 week "One on One " Coaching Program.


Includes 5x weekly 45 minute Skype " face to face" sessions with Photography Business Coach Bernie Griffiths.


Learn What the Top Photography Studios Do To Make Them so Successful. 


Proven Marketing Strategies to bring Money to Your Photography Business right away.


Private Facebook Support Group Page.


PLUS BONUS unlimited Email and Phone Support.


Week One


Sorting Out Your Pricing To Suit Your business.


Week 2


5 Proven Marketing Strategies


Week 3


4 Ways Of Selling Your Photographs.


Week 4


Discovering Your Photography Style. 


Week 5


8 Obstacles That Are Holding You Back.


The Cost?


Get access to this comprehensive business for photographers program ... and start developing everything you need to finally get customers, and make some money.


You can get started today for just $1695 ( Save $500 ) if you enroll within the next 48 hours.


I'm confident that you will be thrilled with the Getting Started Coaching Program.


I also know that if you follow the steps that I give you, and do the work, you will have more cusomers than you ever dreamed of.







Who Is This For?


The program is suitable for photographers who are looking at starting a photography business.


You will receive the best results of this program by putting in the effort, and turning thought into action. But trust me, it will be worth all the effort!


The truth is.. if what you're doing now isn't getting you the results you want, it probably never will. To get better results you need to start doing things differently.


I want to share with you the Marketing that I have learned, not only in my own 40 years of running a successful photography studio, but what I have learned as a Coach and Mentor to hundreds of other photographers.


You'll get 45 minutes with me LIVE by Skype, where I can get your top questions answered, and also guide you and teach you the strategies that you need to learn for your success.


I'll provide powerful coaching and feedback to help you and show you exactly what to do.


There are lots of mentoring programs out there but this one is unique. It is truly "one on one".


You will have me right next to you, holding you by the hand, and showing you exactly how to apply the strategies for your business.


Imagine having someone who has had over 40 years of experience of doing what you are trying to do.


Think of the amazing clarity and direction you'll have by doing his program.


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