When All Else Fails Join The Circus


Feeling beautiful empowers us to believe in ourselves.  Who doesn't want to feel good about themself? Beautiful photos are an investment in you.  They are mementos, reminders and a personal challenge to value ones-self. Photography sessions are an opportunity to take time out of your life to appreciate who you are right now, in this moment. 



Purrrfection Is A State of Mind


The Baronés shows you all the beauty you have right inside you.  She is not just simply taking a photo.  She shines the diamond in the rough to bring out the sparkly you. She teaches you posing, charisma and body awareness.  She assists in helping you select the right lingerie or outfit.  She uses airbrush make-up so you feel comfortable and look natural heightening your features.  


The Baronés brings her expertise in styling, make-up artistry, photography and people smarts to create unique dynamic images.  All the while you enjoy the process of being pampered and valued. 





Goodbye She Said I'm Off To Join The Circus ...

I See The Stars In Your Eyes


The Baronés Lovey De Luxe is a modern-retro glamour company that strives to inspire women to celebrate and empower themselves through beauty images, services & products.

With a glimmer of Pin-Up, Burlesque and Old Hollywood Glamour, the Baronés infuses modern-style with the sparkle of nostalgic dreams that echo forgotten glamour.


Just A Girl Looking For Sparkle

A session with the Baronés is just fun!  She loves what she does and has a blast making people look and feel purrrfect.

Contact the Barones for a list of upcoming promo session dates or book a custom photo session. Travelling across the US, Canada and internationally.


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