The Market Research Guide

What is The Market Research Guide?

Find out who is the audience that needs your product or service

Get inside your customers', head, and discover what their problems are, and what solutions they need

Create the product they are dreaming of

What is inside the course

Industry research

Customer research

Competitor research

The Market Research Guide
Individual Marketing Operating Manual

Laser-focused targeting
Find your ideal customers, learn what their problems are, and what are they looking for to solve them

Ask the right questions
Examples of questionnaires based on your market research objective

Tools and hacks
With market research budget tinghtening, sometimes you just need a hack to gain a sense of perspective

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Francisco Cruz-Miranda

Ruy Montemayor

Straight to the point course with gold nuggets about market research. As a small business owner I found the information in this course extremely valuable. I'm looking forward to apply it and reap the benefits of this new knowledge.


Excellent tutorial to understand and leverage the best practices in market research. The course is very practical and the instructor goes straight to the point.


A proven system you can use to find new, profitable markets, pick the right niche, discover what your target really wants, and learn what your competitors are doing wrong - or well!

How to ethically spy on your competitors to create a even bigger advantage

Find out what works in the market and how can you make it better

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Video Course

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Find out what's important to them, where they hang out online, and what they want to buy

Identify your top competitors in the market, study their strategy and win the game

Find markets that are ripe for picking, and connect with the right audience

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