$280 Million
Total amount paid to Palestinian terrorists in Israeli jails each year.

Of the Palestinian Authority's budget goes to terrorist salaries each year.

$1.1 Billion
Total amount paid to terrorists by the Palestinian Authority in the past 4 years.

Monthly salary of a convicted terrorist serving a 30+ year prison term for killing Israelis. 

"They should provide scholarships for young Palestinians to attend university."​

"They should establish free summer camps for Palestinian children in the West Bank and Gaza Strip."

"The Palestinian Authority should build football fields in every Palestinian village."​

"The PA should give all teachers a pay raise."

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The Palestinian Authority encourages terrorism by paying convicted murderers and their families $280 million a year. This money can be better spent addressing the needs of the Palestinian people - and helping forge a path to peace. We encourage you to submit your ideas of how the PA can better spend this money, instead of paying terrorists - and we'll encourage them to help both the Palestinians and the State of Israel.

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