Are you stuck in your business and not making profits you desire?



Do you know what kind of content to post or email to your community to show them your value and why they need you?



Do you have a clear vision that acts as a GPS system or roadmap to get you from where you are now to where you want your business to be?


The bible says in Proverbs 29:18, “without a VISION the people perish”.


Perish means to die, or have complete ruin or destruction.


So let me ask you a question, did you start building your business so it would be ruined and die or was it so that it would get you to your wealth place?


I hope your answer was to get to my wealth place!!


I had several businesses that I invested lots of money in before the Powerhouse Style Club and most of them failed before they really even got off the ground.  The main reason was that I simply had no vision!! I had no clue where I wanted my business to go or how to get to a successful place. The only thing I did know was that I wanted to make a lot of money fast. Sound familiar?  



Please learn from my mistakes, without a strong foundation which includes a clear vision, mission, and business plan, you can’t grow a successful brand because you will not have the roadmap to get you to your promise land!!



I created the Powerhouse Business Bootcamp to help

purpose-driven women build profitable brands “The Kingdom way”.


This Bootcamp will be 4 weeks long and include 4 master classes.



During the Bootcamp we will cover:



~The mindset and success habits that will help you stay focused and stick to the plan during those tough days



~ Vision Statements, Mission Statements, and Business plans for the next 5 years



~ Taglines, Elevator Pitches, and Anchor statements



~ Professional social media marketing plans that will help you stay professional and share the voice of your brand with your community



~ Keywords and phrases that will sell our mission, vision, products, and services.


I’m only looking for 5 women to join the coaching group. I want to be able to give each brand my full attention so I want to keep the group small.



The price for the Bootcamp is $497 and can be paid in 2 payments of $248.50 if need be.



The first payment must be made by March 4th and the last must be received by March 23rd. Our first class step starts on March 5th and the last class is March 27th, 2018.



There will be weekly pdf’s, live Master Classes with a replay link, and a private FB group to answer any questions.






Anyone who pays in full before February 28th will get my “Visual Branding Guide” (which is a $97 value) for FREE so you can also create a visual brand identity.   You will also have a branded theme and look for you and your brand that aligns with your vision.  

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Meet Sharice:


She's a branding consultant who helps female entreprenerus turn businesses into profitable brands. She's also a Thrive Global contributor and the CEO of the Powerhouse Style Club 


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