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  • No commission splits EVER!
  • Office dues $165/month
  • Next day pay
  • Year end bonuses
  • E&O Included
  • Unlimited office support


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Business Freedom

A Better Brokerage

Real Estate Success

We are growing rapidly, and currently have over 120 happy and successful real estate agents.  We also have three office locations with access to meeting rooms, conference rooms, and use of equipment for free!

“Ever since switching my license to Community Choice Realty nearly 5 years ago, my business has exploded! The freedom and flexibility has worked so well by not requiring agents to attend silly meetings and trainings but still providing enough resources to be successful is so amazing! Getting away from the corporate/franchise model, being able to work on my own terms and not being part of a cult like environment has been a game changer! The broker Jon Evans is very responsive and so easy to work with. He holds us to the highest level of integrity and ethics all while allowing his agents to fully control their business. The best part about it… I get to keep ALL of my commissions. Couldn’t imagine working for any other brokerage! Thanks Jon!" - Brandon



I finally have the freedom to make my own business decisions and I'm so much happier and have much more financial security than ever before.  Community Choice Realty is an awesome company for Agents who want to be independent and reap all the benefits of being self-employed. Since joining Community Choice Realty, I've made 50% more income than the previous year and spent about 50% less time! - Sarah



Being an agent with community choice realty is extremely convenient and profitable. My broker is extremely flexible and truly has my back. Always guiding me in the correct direction. Makes me realize leaving RE/MAX was no mistake. - Maron



Community Choice Realty and our broker Jon Evans is a pleasure to work for, Jon is always available to answer any questions and/or concerns that we as agents may have. Happy to be a part of this amazing team!! - Jason



I enjoy working real estate as an independent agent, including keeping more of my income.  Other top name Real Estate companies where I worked over promised and under delivered.  Community Choice Realty is a better fit for me and my lifestyle!
 - Vanessa 



Community Choice Realty is a great Real Estate company to work with! Broker, Jon, is very knowledgeable, responsive, and resourceful. The commission is great! The fees are minimal. Community Choice Realty has lived up to all of my expectations  and then some.  No gimmicks, no broken promises. I've been a Realtor for over 10yrs and I am so glad that I came on board and joined the Community Choice Realty office a few years ago!  - Naiiva



I've worked as a broker owner for over a decade, worked the for big companies also.  I've never been in a situation where you can better maximize your income than Community Choice Realty. You have the freedom to work YOUR business, not someone else's.  Remember it's not what you make it's what you keep. - Brian



Finally a company where you can enjoy all the fruits of your labor.  Check is cut the day after closing and any real estate questions you may have are answered by the broker right away !! You couldn’t convince me to go anywhere else and believe me I’ve tried !!! - John







  • Brand yourself
  • Build and brand a team
  • No mandatory office meetings
  • Three office locations
  • Free yard signs
  • Free website leads

Earn 100% commission  $165/month