The rules of success

The secret ingredients that spice your campaigns up, and make them stand out from the crowd


We don't just talk about it. We show campaigns in real life so you just have to copy&paste and create your own

Video campaigns

What to show in your video to be engaging and people actually take the action you want them to

Stucked somewhere?

The best tools to use when you are stuck coming up with campaign ideas


Where is the market going, and what are the campaign types that will work well this year?

The "Best Of Our Best" chunks


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Lucas Forher
Great presentation and actionable takeaways


David Ayala
This course is pure powerful information


Thomas Peterson
Clear guidance to act on for a fast start in launching a marketing campaign online.

Campaign structure

There are 2 campaign types you need: to get new leads and sales as easy as opening a tap

What's inside the

Campaign Booster Quickstart Package?

A carefully curated selection of Marketing6pack's best tactics and strategies to make your marketing campaigns stand out

Campaign Booster Quickstart Package

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Muhammad Roohan
In just a couple hours, this course demonstrated a cluster of information with brilliant real-world examples!

Campaign Booster Quickstart Package

The best-of-the-bests curated

Quick and easy to consume

Limited Availability

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