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Call law app features include, legal representation with our lawyer services, 24/7 bail Bond access, custom contact services, 100 to 500 collect call minutes, 24/7 legal question and answer access, 51 state nationwide coverage including 5 commonwealths, user-friendly app 4 instant updates and easy reloadable service options.

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About CLA

CLA was designed to meet the needs of individuals dealing with the justice system. The unfortunate reality is far to many people are underserved. Leading to poor representation, that’s why CLA gives you

Top law firm representation,
top rated lawyers to represent you in court

Pre Paided calling from local, county, state correctional facilities

Bail bond Coverage

Three number
custom contact system

24/7 Legal Q&A service options

Single, Family and Group Coverage

Easy to use App/ Manage your account

National Coverage & 5 commonwealths

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Single coverage

1 individual

1 year full


Family Coverage

2 - 5 individuals

1 year full


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Group Coverage

6 -10 individuals

1 year full


per person

GPS APP Covarage

Addon upgrade

for 1 year


per person

* All unused Coverage options roll over for an additional one year at 50% discount rewards rates *

Group coverage

Our wonderful group options allows full coverage for up to ten people. It’s a great way to make the CALL LAW APP work for yourself, family and friends.

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