eBLVD enables secure, browser-based access to your PC from a remote web browser over the Internet. 

eBlvd Security Infomation

File format for the option that allows you to associate a picture to a patrons meal account.

Student Photo File Format

Hybrid Solution Internet/Intranet Data Hosting Schema Decentralizing Applications and Databases

Data Hosting Schema

History Data Flow- From Serving Line POS to Online Meal Meal History

Meal History Data Flow
eMeal POS Network Configuration
eMeal POS File Import Format
Import File Formats
Software/Server Configuration
Q & A IT Information
Detail Technology Booklet

Schematic On Networking On-Premise POS Terminals

eMeal Master Point of Sale Enrollment File Import Format



Coms-Pro Central Office, FarApps Free & Reduced Application Software

Coms-Pro Central Office, FarApps F&R, EZ Task Inventory, ETC Time & Attendance Software

Questions and Answers, Meal Accountability Software

Products, Software/Hardware, Specifications, Project Management Information