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[Video-Product Tour] Brochure and Specifications

[Video-Product Tour] Brochure, Specifications and Reports Booklet

[Video-Product Tour] Brochure, Specifications and Reports Booklet


  • Free & Reduced Software
  • Online Free & Reduced 
  • Inventory Control Software
  • Online Meal Payments
  • Child Nutrition Website
  • Parent Portal
  • Time & Attentendance 
  • Point-of-Sale Solutions
  • Central Office Software
  • Deployment Options

At Michoice, we work with client school districts to create unique solutions that combine the best of breed software and hardware, as well as project management, implementation, and ongoing help desk support.


Our team blends industry-specific technology expertise and commitment to customer relationships. The value is a deeply collaborative partnership that translates to a greater return on investment and increased value for our customers. We welcome the opportunity to share our expertise and experience with you.


[Video-Product Tour] Brochure and Specifications

[Video-Product Tour]

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